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When it’s time to reimagine your home interior, trust the experts at Home Renovation Boston. Our experienced professionals offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Arlington, MA. Whether you have a major overhaul in mind, or you just need to change outdated flooring and countertops, our team has you covered. From initial design to successful completion, we’ll make sure your home improvement proceeds according to your exact expectations.

Home renovations are exciting opportunities to enhance the comfort and visual appeal of your interior. And with so many attractive materials, fixtures, and add-ons to choose from, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind space that makes your house feel like home. We work with homeowners who want to get their properties just right before they move in as well as families and individuals who are ready to make important updates. Whatever ideas you have, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing your ideas.

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    Home Remodeling Boston MA

    Complete Home Remodeling Services

    Especially if you’ve recently purchased a fixer-upper, your house is a blank slate that you can reimagine with your preferred materials. Our home remodeling services allow you to unlock your property’s potential. Talk to us about what you’d like to accomplish. We are ready to get started on a project that makes your interior more attractive and functional.

    For stress-free service that gets your home up to your standards, make us your remodeling team. We are known for our eye for detail and effective time management. You can rest assured that our team has you fully covered.

    Whatever room you want to update, we are up to the task. Our services are the convenient and cost-effective way for you to turn your fixer-upper into a showpiece of modern design. During your consultation, we will listen to the ideas you have in mind. Then, we’ll prepare a cost estimate and a project time frame. With our services, you can begin a project that turns your property into a home to be excited about.

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    Integrity. Commitment. Expertise. These are the values that we bring to each and every project. At our company, we uphold the highest professional standards. When customers call us, we never give anything less than our all. We are a locally owned company that is proud of what we do. You can see that pride in the high quality of the finished results we provide for our friends and neighbors throughout the community.

    We welcome the chance to demonstrate the qualities that separate us as a remodeling company that locals trust. Our customer-focused services are designed to ensure that homeowners have a best possible experience of their properties.

    We’ve helped many customers update their houses into their dream homes, and we want to do the same for you, too. A home improvement project is a uniquely rewarding experience, as well as a valuable opportunity for you to invest in your property. As our customer, you can always rely on us for:

    • Superior Workmanship
    • Competitive Prices
    • Friendly Professionals
    • Expert Remodeling
    • Open Communication
    • Full Customer Support
    • Timely Job Completion
    • Complete Satisfaction

    Call us or fill out our contact form to receive your free estimate. We proudly serve customers throughout the Boston, MA, area, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Full Service Home Renovations Boston

    Your Home Renovation Experts in Boston MA

    Beautiful surfaces and flooring. Contemporary fixtures and appliances. A space that’s perfectly suited to your preferences and lifestyle. That’s what you can have when you make us your home renovation experts in Boston, MA.

    Our extensive knowledge and experience make us the home renovation service you can count on. With our attention to detail and excellent workmanship, we deliver stunning results, time after time. We’ve built our strong reputation in the community on the high quality of the projects we complete.

    For something as important as you’re home, you don’t want to leave the job to amateurs. Your home is a major investment, and you deserve a space that’s comfortable and that you enjoy spending time. That’s exactly what our talented professionals are here to provide.

    We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind home interiors that are just as eye-catching as they are practical. Improving the atmosphere, convenience, and comfort of your home is our mission. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

    basement refinishing boston ma

    Services We Provide

    When it comes to home renovations and redesigns, we do it all. Our services rejuvenate your space so that it reflects your tastes and meets your needs. If you have specific ideas in mind or you’d like some advice and suggestions, our company is the all-in-one resource for you. We want to talk to you about:

    We are your solution for successfully remodeling any room in the house. However major or minor your project is, you can trust our friendly experts to produce the results you expect.

    Remodeling Contractor Boston MA

    Full Gut and Remodel Services

    It doesn’t matter how involved your plans are, or how outdated your property is. We provide the full interior gut and remodel services that breathe fresh life into any home. We will completely clear out old materials, fixtures, and more to make way for what’s next.

    Then, we will consult with you and draft the design plans that transform your interior into a fully functional and elegant home.

    How do you want to remodel your home? With our services, the possibilities are virtually endless. From additions to basement remodeling, to get started, call our office today. We’ll discuss the possibilities that match your tastes and your budget. You can tell us about your preferred materials and layout ideas. We’ll recommend cost-saving alternatives of equal value when available. When you call us, you have our complete attention.

    custom kitchen remodeling boston ma

    “Great service! Very professional. they provide full design service with name options. Very happy with my new kitchen.”

    Jill D.

    “We were looking to finish our basement. They came in and showed us what it can be, gave us a quote very fast and the work is of the highest quality.”

    Peter P.

    “We bought a house that needed to have a complete remodeling. All of our ideas were transformed into a gorgeous home. We couldn’t be happier.”

    Dana R.

    Cosmetic Interior Remodeling Boston

    With an upgraded interior, your home can be a sophisticated space that’s an expression of your aesthetic tastes. Whether you’re more into classic or contemporary looks, you can have the home you’ve always wanted when you choose our remodeling team. Nothing refreshes a home interior like upgraded countertops, flooring, and a new coat of paint. Whatever the job calls for, our team will be sure to do it right the first time.

    Maybe your family is growing, or you’re just ready for more space but you don’t want to leave your current house. If that’s the case, we also provide expansions that will be just right for you. Expansions and room additions are the perfect ways to make the most of your property’s available space.

    Renovation Contractor Boston MA

    Improving Your Home with Interior Finishes

    basement renovations boston ma

    When you have an underused basement or attic, you have an opportunity to make an exciting home improvement. With our interior finishing services, you can put the space to better use. Imagine converting your basement into a guest bedroom, or your attic into a home office. Our contractor for home renovations will make the necessary adjustments that make your rooms comfortable and more practical.

    As our customer, you can expect top-quality finishing services. From start to finish, we are dedicated to making your project a success. We are the company you can depend on to make your house a more livable and usable space.

    Complete Design Services

    At our company, we have interior design experts who are available to assist you. We’ll help you plan the redesign that enhances the way you experience your home. For a beautiful new interior, our experienced and inspired design team is the right choice for you.

    When it comes to design, the magic is in the details. The right combinations come together to create dazzlingly unique interiors. Creating one-of-a-kind spaces is what our team specializes in.

    Remodeling isn’t just about updating the appearance of the room. Based on what your plans call for, you may also need to take plumbing and electricity into consideration. We’ll make sure your new design takes everything into account and help obtain and required permits.

    A gorgeous interior that you are proud to show your guests. As your remodeling contractor, that’s precisely what we strive to produce. Your satisfaction is always our number one goal.

    Your Source for Basement Finishing in Boston

    When you’re ready to put your basement to more practical use, we want to hear from you. Our team works with homeowners who want to finish their basements so they can make better use of their property’s available space.

    From creating a new bedroom to making way for a new office or home workout room, our basement finishing services allow for a number of possibilities. By converting your basement, you are contributing to the appeal and value of your home. We are available to schedule a time to go over the details of your project with you.

    Our efficient professionals work quickly to deliver the desired results. When you call us, you are getting a team of dedicated experts who understand what it takes to provide high-quality finishing services in a timely manner. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.

    Areas We Service

    We provide expert home remodeling services in Boston, Concord, Canton, Somerville, Arlington, Medford, Watertown, Waltham, Wellesley, Lexington, Lincoln, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton and more. Call us today for a free quote.


    How Much Does it Cost To Gut Renovate a house in Massachusetts?

    In Boston, the average cost for a gut renovation begins at approximately $100 per square foot. To break things down a little, a low-end kitchen remodelling job can cost anywhere from $15,000-$30,000, while a more mid-range kitchen renovation would cost closer to $400 per square foot and could cost between $70,000-$80,000.

    Is gutting a house worth it?

    If your house was built after the 1930s then the simple answer is: yes, absolutely! If your house is older than that, you’ll want to get a specialist to check the house’s foundations and frames to make sure they’re still structurally sound and can withstand the work that would need to be done.

    What’s the difference between remodeling and renovating?

    To put it simply, remodeling means to remake or change a structure into something new, while renovation means to fix up and restore the structure to its previous well-kept state.

    Is it better to gut a house or rebuild?

    This greatly depends on the intent of the homeowner. Some homeowners have sentimental attachment to the charm, character and history of their old homes, and in their case they would probably prefer renovation. However, if you’re a homeowner that’s looking to make your home more functional or energy efficient, then you might be more interested in a rebuild.